The Famous "Rhymeoccular" Image

This "Rhymeoccular" image created by Illustrator Megan E. Tennant

This "Rhymeoccular" image created by Illustrator Megan E. Tennant


How to create a "Rhymeoccular" Image

That crazy inventor from "The Kingdom Without Rhyme" has devised a method to help you imagine and visualize rhyming words. You can create your own it's simple!

Illustration by Megan E.Tennant

Illustration by Megan E.Tennant

                                                     Materials Needed

  • a) Non-waxed cake circle carboard - (I found them at Hobby Lobby)

  • b) Colored pencils, markers, paint etc

  • c) Flat wooden sticks

  • d) Wide packing tape


  • Select two words that rhyme - for example "fox" and "box"

  • Draw or paint them on your circle carboard

  • Turn over and place stick on back of circle cardboard

  • Tape securely with packing tape

You did it - and it looks great!  This is a great rhyming and art project kids will love. Have them make a bunch of them and then bring them together and have the children guess what they are! 

 Fun times make learning easy! 

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