How It All Began

How It All Began

September 2016

One day inspiration hit me, just hard enough to jog some rhymes into place. I had been following a writing pattern I’ve used to encourage creative thinking and establish structure and direction for my writing, the alphabet.

What resulted was a pleasant romp through various occupations and situations while inviting the young reader to explore choices with his or her imagination.

I called the children’s book “What Would I Do?” Inspired by the creative ability of a very talented young illustrator, I completed the manuscript and asked her for comments and if she would illustrate this book.

With great enthusiasm, she agreed to illustrate my book and thus began the adventure of self-publishing. Being totally inexperienced about self-publishing, I researched articles about the topic and compared the pros and cons of both processes with traditional publishing and self-publishing methods.

What I found was an amazing amount of material which I will link to for your benefit. I am thoroughly convinced I am on the right track pursuing self-publishing, only time and experience will tell.

The material I looked through convinced me that the best strategy at this time would be to create my own publishing company and roll with the POD (Print On Demand) system available at Amazon through Create Space.

(Featured image above from illustrator Megan Tennant rough sketches for our new book “What Would I Do?”)

How to Self-Publish A Children's Book by Yvonne Jones

What Would I Do?

What Would I Do?