New Site - New Post - New Book!

New Site - New Post - New Book!

August 2017

Much has happened since my last post. It seems like ages ago I was sharing about the struggles and milestones in working through several aspects of self-publishing. These posts are all here in the new site and home of Mograce Publishing.

As you can see if you had visited the old site created in this new site created with Squarespace looks great. It has a streamlined navigation menu and other great features like a comprehensive e-commerce feature which allows you to purchase our current title “What Would I Do?” and allows me to expand and add new titles as they emerge.

We will continue to post blogs, updates and information under categories - Creating a Book, Creating a Business, and Creating a Website. So this post will be listed under "Creating a Website."

In the post titled “Getting Started” I referred to what you need to have in place in order to build your website. In you will need to have a web host service in order to install and create your site with  If you would like to build your site from scratch using the modules and installing the plugins to create your own features for your site may be for you. It has tremendous flexibility and many options. However, if you have little time to learn new skills and wish to build an e-commerce business quickly perhaps you should check out the features of Squarespace.

I have made the switch and feel it has been a good move. Even though I miss some of the flexibility of, I do not miss spending hours tweaking plugins and formatting modules.

Squarespace provides

  •   A comprehensive service from hosting your site to e-commerce.

  •   You only have to work with one entity that provides answers to most all of your questions at their help     site.

  •  They have many good looking templates that are easy to work with and allow you to edit your work  from the front end of your site.

  •  Adding and formatting Squarespace blocks seems a bit easier to do compared to formatting  modules - Squarespace has made it more average-user-friendly.

  •  Changes to your site are made as you edit and refresh each page or post.

The following links will give you a more detail comparison of vs Squarespace.

It’s great to be posting again at our new site and I hope you come back to check on our progress here at Mograce Publishing.

 (A sneak peek is coming soon for our new children’s book called “The Kingdom Without Rhyme” - The featured image above is Megan Tennant's work in progress for a page of the new book!)