October 2016

Oh my, it’s the end of October and I am afraid. I’m afraid I have not posted in almost a month. I imagine that some of you have returned to check on my progress with this web-site.  I also imagine that you are progressing in your work and may have even found a Web Host and installed, I hope you are doing well with this.

If you are like me, you have limited time to spend trouble shooting web design features from page builder plugins that promise quick and easy installs. To their credit however, they deliver links to forums where people vent their frustration with features that other users have no problem with.

That sums up my experience so far with Web Page Building. But the good news is that there is a light that shines once you can visualize the web page as a larger assembly of smaller pieces.’s page builder plugin “Live Composer” calls these smaller pieces modules. The web page is like a puzzle and the pieces are segments called modules. If you look at a typical page from top to bottom you will find;

The Header

The Title

The Body or Content

The Comment Section

Social Sharing Widgets

Side Bar Content or Widgets

The Footer

These modules are created and formatted separately and then later installed into your page. Some modules will include additional information such as “Date” – “Author” – “Comment Counts” etc.

As you create more pages you will realize that you can design a template for all your blog post, and pages. Remember to treat each module as a separate piece of the puzzle and format it to be plugged into your template as you proceed.

Here are links to some sites that explain in greater detail.

Live Composer Videos

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 2

What is the Difference Between Post vs Pages in WordPress

My favorite is the one that tells me what the difference is between a “page” and a “post”.

You will find more info at the user manual site as well.

From your Dashboard and Live Composer you should now be able to assemble and edit a page and or a post. There are features available for each module type and as you experiment with creating and editing these modules you will find that they become easier to manage. I am still experimenting with pull down list and linking categories etc.

Eventually, I believe I will be able to manage a rework of this web site and be able to take orders for books and other written material as well as post guest blogs and videos and other interesting content. Check back soon and find out!

( My next project will be figuring how to size the video segment to fit within the margins of this post, wish me luck!)

Update – I figured it out and as you can see the video segment now fits. What I had to do was install a WordPress plugin called “simple You Tube embed” from the plugin list. You can find many plugins when you select “add new” from the plugin menu on your dashboard.  After you have selected, installed and activated this plugin you will be able to share your You Tube videos in your post. Try it out!

(Featured image above from illustrator Megan Tennant rough sketches for our new book “What Would I Do?”)

New Site - New Post - New Book!

New Site - New Post - New Book!

Getting Started

Getting Started