It is hard to believe that a year has gone by without an update.

That’s my fault and the excuse is that leaving the day job, moving to another state and other matters of life are getting the way!

The fact is updating this page and marketing takes time, energy and creative content. These are valuable assets that are not always available.

The good news is progress has been made on several new manuscripts.

Do others like me feel hesitant in sharing their manuscript ideas?

Hint: One is about black bears and a diner, the other is about a famous Pilgrim family and the Pilgrim story!

So I am keeping this update brief because the new day job hunt is underway.

You may enjoy this informative piece on marketing and the gurus self-published authors may encounter.

In the meantime, buy some books, share this page, comment and stop by again.

Highlights 2018

Highlights 2018