Highlights 2018

Highlights 2018

So it’s the end of December and like many of you I am looking forward to 2019 by looking back at the year past.

I am wondering what happened? It’s good to review the steps taken from the beginning of this self publishing journey . Certainly there are things I should have done but did not, things I could have done better and things I should not have done at all. In this introspection perhaps lies the answer to the general questions “where the heck am I?” and “where am I going?”

The best way for me to begin this is by a bullet point summary of the activity highlights of the past year

  • “The Kingdom Without Rhyme” picture book project printed in February 2018

  • Marketing and advertising was limited to word of mouth, IBPA, SCBWI and social media

  • Pre-order discount deal applied

  • Book signing and reading event held at Northshire Bookstore Saratoga in July 2018

  • We held another similar but unsuccessful event in October at a library (no one came)

  • Established our on-line bookstore through Aerio - An Ingrams wholesale feature

  • Focused our social media marketing for Christmas sales

  • Tweeted to booksellers nationwide announcing our books and offering Tweet support

  • Participated in Inctober 2018 - affirmed why I am not an illustrator! My contributions

  • Advertised in IBPA indie booksellers summer and winter catalog

  • Participated in SCBWI featured Bookstop promotion

  • Continuous development and fine tuning of a system tracking sales and royalties

  • Connected with a school library reading program called #WeConnect @Arrowhead_Lib

  • Preparing for tax season

  • Submitted manuscripts to traditional publishers for consideration

  • Evolving into a hybrid indie author/publisher

These are highlights of the past year activities carried out while maintaining a paid full time position doing something completely different.

Now if I were given a large sum of money allowing me to pursue this project unhindered by economic necessity, I would perhaps spend more time and money doing the following.

  • Writing more books

  • Visiting bookstores

  • Scheduling Bookstore Promotional Events

  • Spending more on Advertising and Marketing

  • Writing more books

I am interested in what works for you. Is there something else I should be doing?

Please check out the links above and feel free to respond, I always appreciate positive and helpful words.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year filled with opportunity and success and love!



Bookstore Friends

Bookstore Friends