Business Structure

Business Structure

September 2016

I hope you found the resources provided in the previous post helpful for considering the reasons for self-publishing. These are my reasons for self-publishing;

·         I am not willing to do all the leg- work to find a publisher who may be interested in my work and then wait for months if not years to finally become involved with a publisher whose main interest is making money. Beyond the creative and influential interest I have, making money is also my main interest.

·         Secondly, self-publishing allows me to have more control over my product and the creative roads I would like to travel.

·         Thirdly, I enjoy the challenge of building a business from the ground up driven by the potential that perhaps it will be a successful venture.

·         Finally, self-publishers share an independent spirit that I feel allows for freedom of expression without the constraints of PC and Corporate bias.

If your reasons for self-publishing are similar to mine, I am glad we share these sentiments.

The next step in your business development plan is to decide what type of business model works best for you. As you contemplate your business structure you will want to consider several types of business entities. Each has their peculiar benefits and associated costs. Regardless of what structure you choose, you will want to seek financial and legal counsel before taking the plunge into building your publishing kingdom.

You will find these particular articles helpful in making your decision.

• How To Start Your Own Self-Publishing Company – 10 Essential Steps by Shelley Hitz

• 8 Answers That Help Self-Publishers Get Up and Running  by  Joel Friedlander

• Set Up for Self Publishing by Helen Sedwick

• What Every Self-Published Author Needs to Know About Taxes by Helen Sedwick, Jane Friedman

• Best Business Structure: LLC vs. S Corp. vs. C Corp. & Others By Priyanka Prakash

I find that at the entry level of self-publishing operating as a Sole Proprietor and DBA is the best place to start. As you research these options you will find one that works for you. Don’t let the red tape monster slow you down. If you are inspired to create and publish go for it!


(Featured image above from illustrator Megan Tennant rough sketches for our new book “What Would I Do?”)

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