About Mograce Publishing!

                                 We create, market, promote and sell independent and self-published books, plays and written material.  Our focus is on developing and finding inspiring work that communicates truth from a scriptural perspective. We invite you to follow us as we grow and hope you enjoy and share our work with others. The first book in our current catalog is called  "What Would I Do? An A to Z Journey"

Written by Maurice M. Hebert and Illustrated by Megan E. Tennant, it is a clever and entertaining look at occupations and situations. Children love to imagine these things and are eager to come up with ideas about what they would do!


A Brief History

This company and website was created in 2016 within the context of creating a new children's book and beginning the self-publishing journey.  

The page above is from our first book titled "WhatWould I Do? An A to Z Journey"

We began our website using WordPress.org and have recently moved to Squarespace in order to offer our books for sale more efficiently. An upcoming post will explain this transition.

Here you will find blogs, resource links and information about:

  •         adventures in creating a book and publishing company 
  •         reviews of newly published material
  •         profiles of authors and illustrators
  •         buying and selling self-published material  

We are planting this seed with the hope that it will sprout and grow as a publishing entity that brings glory to God. Perhaps, someday our children and grandchildren will be inspired to take over this enterprise and continue communicating gospel truth in ways that reach people with creativity, compassion and grace. 

New material will be posted monthly and eventually weekly. Please explore these pages and links and check back soon as we continue to grow!